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Personal, Social & Health Education and Citizenship  at St James's

Personal, Social and Health Education is relevant to pupils both now and in the future. We aim to provide pupils with the learning opportunities they need if they are to develop into competent adults, confident in themselves and their skills, qualities and abilities to make appropriate and safe choices and a worthwhile contribution to society, both now and in their lives beyond St. James’s, including when they are in the workplace.

  • A subject in its own right, delivered by specialists with the necessary knowledge, expertise, interest and passion to act as a support mechanism for pupils with their preparation for life.
  • PSHE is important for dispelling myths – eg. counter-acting gossip, rumours, false information, media portrayal.
  • PSHE encourages pupils to explore their own values and morals.
  • It provides a suitable and safe forum for discussion on a wide range of topics including bullying, healthy eating, emotional wellbeing and mental health, drugs and alcohol, relationships and sex education, child sexual exploitation, online safety, financial capability, careers, work experience … Basically, you name it, we cover it! The topics we cover are REAL and the timetabled lessons allow us to react to and educate on key issues raised either by society or by the pupils.
  • The world needs nurses, lawyers, therapists, engineers, social workers, vets, accountants, journalists, managers … and thousands of other kinds of people in other kinds of jobs in order to be able to function, but it needs those people to be healthy in every sense of the word in order to function well.
  • Guest speakers are sometimes invited to lead sessions as part of the PSHE and Citizenship programme to share their valuable expertise on certain topics such as further and higher education.

Curriculum Features

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PSHE/Citizenship Curriculum

PSHE/Citizenship Learning Journey  2020-21


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