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  • 25+ Students per Form Group
  • 200+ Students per Year Group
  • 1000+ Students in the Whole School

 Can we hear all your Student Voices?



Each form will have two representatives and the School Council meet once a month.

How to get involved:

  • Organise an election campaign and stand for Form Representative/Year Council member.
  • If you become a representative, your first year meeting will be held during the first week in October.
  • The School Council should not be just one voice – it should represent everybody’s voice..
  • Support your representative
  • Speak to them and share your ideas.
  • Drop a note in the ideas box.
  • Complete questionnaires and surveys.

This year we have achieved; following the elections, representatives received training about the role of a School Councillor, during the training each year group were set the £10 challenge. How could they make a difference to the school with just £10? The School Council soon realised that £10 would not be enough money for their projects! So, they went to the Appeals Committee and presented their case; outlining what they wanted to achieve. They were awarded £2,500 towards their projects; Year 7 Pupils are improving the F Block Toilets; Year 8 Pupils would like to improve the School Hall; Year 9 Pupils are running a Talent Competition; Year 10 Pupils have been investigating changes to the School Uniform and Year 11 Pupils are creating a piece of Artwork for the school. The School Council have also led assemblies to feedback to other pupils.

What next?

YOU decide!!

Together we can make St James’s an even better school.