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School Chaplaincy

My name is Andy and along with Emma, we run the Chaplaincy space within St James’s. The main role of the Chaplaincy it to celebrate faith in all its forms and to offer the young people within our care opportunity to explore faith and to think about the bigger things in life. Every day is different but that’s what makes this such a special role.

The main responsibilities vary from the coordination of collective and form worship, the delivery of liturgical celebrations and festivals, running a variety of different clubs, organising different fundraising events and pupil support. We encourage all our pupils to be the change that they want to see in the world and try to empower them to do this, whatever their world might look like.

We strive to make Chaplaincy inclusive and all are welcome to access it. We also aim for it to be staff and pupil led and are very proud of our form worship reps. We also have an interfaith group who meet regularly with a particular focus on embracing unity amidst diversity.

As well as the more upfront things that Chaplaincy does, we also support the Pastoral team in the delivery of 1:1 sessions and small group sessions which centre on a number of different issues that young people face.

We’re also here for the staff and support them through various initiatives such as staff cafes throughout the year as well as being there as a listening ear when needed.

To keep up to date with the various things that are happening in Chaplaincy, please follow @SJCES_Chaplain on Twitter for regular updates. 

Andy Hunter and Emma Bonfield


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