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School Chaplaincy

Hello. My name is Andy and I have the privilege of being the Chaplain at St James's.

My main role in the school is to celebrate faith and empower our school family to explore what it means to have faith in themselves, Faith in others and a faith in God. No day is ever the same and that is why I love it so much!

My main responsibilities in school are to co-ordinate collective worship and form worship, organise our fundraising activities, co-ordinate our liturgical celebrations, run after-school clubs, support RE lessons, visit local primary schools, run prayer spaces and challenge our school community to be the change we wish to see in our community, country and the world. As you can imagine, it can be quite hectic at times!

I firmly believe that the Chaplaincy should be inclusive and shaped by our staff and students and so I am very pleased to announce that we have now have worship reps in place who will assist in creating a thriving and inspirational Chaplaincy.

Another key aspect of my role is working with the Pastoral team in supporting staff and students is the issues they may face. I firmly believe that a problem shared is a problem halved! I am available for staff and students during break, lunchtimes and after school.

Although there is a lot going on in the Chaplaincy, I am excited to see how it will develop over the coming weeks and months. To keep up to date on what is happening in the Chaplaincy, please follow @SJCES_Chaplain on Twitter or view our tweets on the Chaplaincy Life page.  

Andrew Hunter