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what happens at dinner time? 

All pupils have a 40 minute lunch break.

School dinners are excellent here at St James's. Pupils are expected to remain on the premises unless they have been issued with a DINNER TIME PASS. These will only be issued at the request of parents if the following guarantees are given in writing:

  • The pupil will be going HOME for dinner
  • A responsible adult will be supervising them at all times
  • The adult can ensure they return to school on time


School dinners are served on a cafeteria basis using a Cashless Catering System. Further information about this can be found on this website. There is no need to pre-order meals and it is acceptable to switch between school dinners and packed lunches without notifying school.

Our Catering Manager and team pride themselse on their healthy lunches which meet National Nutritional Standards.

Meat products are produced be a top quality local butcher. They use a local milkman, baker and greengrocer to source their products and to support the local community. Warburtons bread and Carrs pasties are available, Halal meats are also purchased.

Homemade meals are produced by our highly skilled Head and Assistant Cooks.

Preservatives and additives are kept to a minimum.

Almost all biscuits and cakes are made on the premises so that the amount of sugar in them can be controlled.

Only chicken breast products are purchases.

Fresh fruit and salad are available daily.

Only water and fruit juices are sold, no fizzy drinks.

A healthy two course lunch and drink can be purchased for approximately £2.40 daily.

The Dining Room is open for Breakfast and also at morning break serving sandwiches and snacks.

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