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Messages from Year 7

To make you feel more welcome we asked Year 7 pupils for their messages and comments about life at St James's.

Thank you to everyone in Year 7 for their efforts.

  • Change might seem scary but you will learn to be excited about it
  • What I like best is the environment, we’re all happy!
  • Work your best and take every opportunity you get
  • The Sports are great, you can try anything!
  • I like that we have lots of caring people
  • Welcome to St James’s you’ll love it!
  • Best thing? All the teachers are nice and kind
  • Don’t worry when you start everyone has butterflies but they soon go away
  • I like how everyone here is kind and caring about each other, not matter where they come from, who they are or how they look.
  • Don’t worry about getting lost ask anyone for directions
  • Welcome and I hope you will enjoy your experience at St James’s just as I have