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Music at St James's

Our music curriculum is designed to allow pupils to have a deeper understanding of the music around them and allows pupils to interact with it with confidence.

The curriculum allows pupils to explore a wide range of cultures and traditions whilst developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Throughout their studies, pupils develop an understanding of the elements of music.  An understanding of these key elements is an essential aspect of the study of music.

Whilst studying these key elements, pupils develop their performing, composing and appraising skills.  

It is our intent, that pupils’ study of music not only develops their academic progress but also a wide range of transferable skills.  Skills such as; resilience, confidence, organisation skills, time management, self-discipline and inter-personal skills.

Curriculum Features

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Key Stage 3

Music is a practical based subject, therefore a wide range of instruments will be provided for pupils to use during lessons. Online resources will be made available for independent learning at home.

The music department offers a range of instrumental lessons. These include brass, woodwind, strings, drums and guitar. See the music staff if you would like to have a try at one!

Instrumental timetables are on display outside G1 and will be updated at the start of each half term.

A new timetable for extra-curricular activities and rehearsals will be on the bulletin, please check to see when you are needed.

Key Stage 4

We currently offer GCSE music from the EDEXCEL Exam Board.  Pupils study 2 lessons per week in Year 10 and three in Year 11.  It is compulsory that pupils play at least one instrument to grade 2 standard to be accepted on the course.  The GCSE is made up of 30% performance and 30% composition.  There is an exam that is worth 40% which is based on twelve set works that are studies during the course.  Instrumental lessons are free for pupils studying music, but pupils are expected to join at least one of the school’s music ensembles.


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