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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at St James's

The Modern Foreign Languages Department aims to provide a rich and diverse learning experience for all students, combining sound grammatical knowledge with increased cultural awareness and encouraging creativity and independence. The art of communication although integral to our daily lives is often practised subconsciously. However the thrill of communicating effectively with someone in another tongue is never taken for granted. With the ability to communicate in multiple languages becoming more and more important in an increasingly connected world it is essential that we provide our students with the foundations on which to build for further language learning. The teaching of modern languages can and must be made to meet the needs of the young people of today’s hi-tech, highly competitive world. The need for effective communication has never been greater and this is reflected in the teaching of modern languages. Foreign language study enables the student to communicate and interact with the people and culture of another country. At all levels, foreign language study affords the possibility of acquiring a healthy curiosity towards other cultures and peoples and developing a positive attitude towards them. 

The department is strongly committed to making the study of a foreign language a rewarding experience for the entire ability range within this truly comprehensive school. Students respond positively to work they find fulfilling and the department seeks to provide work that is challenging and stimulating as well as accessible and entertaining, so that each student will be able to achieve their potential. We aim to deliver courses which are enjoyable, rewarding and offer students a realistic opportunity to be successful at the highest possible level, thus providing a platform for further study. The department believes this philosophy to be absolutely in keeping with the ethos of the school.

Curriculum Features

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