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Mathematics at St James's 

Maths is essential to everyday life and understanding the world around us. 

The St. James’ Mathematics department want our pupils to enjoy and to feel successful in Mathematics.

We strive to equip them with the skills to become resilient, numerate and curious mathematicians and we hope to share our own appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics.

Our Curriculum

It is our belief that all students can be successful Mathematicians. We feel that it is important that all students have opportunities to feel that success, experience the awe and wonder of Mathematics and enjoy the satisfaction of using their knowledge and skills to solve increasingly complex problems.

Our new five-year curriculum has been planned to give all students the opportunity to become successful Mathematicians. We build on the skills students have learned in primary and ensure that key concepts are fully understood. We aim to ensure that students have strong foundations in number, algebra and proportional reasoning in order to prepare them to tackle increasingly broad and complex problems as they progress through secondary school.

We aim to develop students’ mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving alongside their use of Mathematical vocabulary, linked to the schools “What Makes A Good …” philosophy.

Lesson Structure 

Students in year 7 and 8 have five one-hour Maths lessons per fortnight. There are eight timetabled lessons per fortnight in year 9, six in year 10 and seven in year 11.

Lessons will usually begin with an entry task reviewing previous learning. We support students in acquiring new knowledge through modelling, explanation and guided practice. We will also use concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations to help students gain an understanding of a new concept. Students are assessed in a variety of ways including questioning in class, low stakes quizzes, end of topic tests and half termly assessments. Students receive regular feedback from their teachers which may be verbal or written.

Independent Practise

We expect students to complete independent practise at appropriate times in lessons and also at home. Students will receive homework every week to be completed on www.sparxmaths.co.uk. We believe that it is essential that students form good habits round independent study from year 7 onwards. Students will receive an “End Points” document at the beginning of each unit of work which they can use to monitor their progress through a topic and support choices for independent study. Students are also supported in this by completing weekly retrieval quizzes in class.

We run a lunchtime club in an ICT room on Wednesdays for students who need support with homework or are struggling to access it at home.

Students also have access to www.TTRS.com and www.online.justmaths.co.uk

Other websites that GCSE students may find helpful are:




Five Year Curriculum 

Mathematics 5 year overview

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