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Geography at St James's

Geography is a dynamic and thought provoking subject, covering current global issues affecting both humans and the environment. Across our curriculum pupils will take a worldwide journey to discover how the challenge of natural hazards, the management of urban Issues, the impact of globalization and the changing physical landscape, vary in contrasting locations. Through this learning journey, knowledge is built to widen understanding of issues that impact the world that pupils are growing up in. A range of skills including; map skills, graphical skills, literacy, numeracy and the skill of revision are embedded throughout the curriculum and are an integral part of the departments drive to develop not only skilled geographers, but also lifelong learners; facilitating our pupils to strive for Achieving Excellence.  Our curriculum aims to foster a love for the subject by delivering lessons that are engaging, challenging and examine the misconceptions / stereotypes that can often blur our view of the wider world; supporting the schools central ethos of Caring for Others.

Curriculum Features

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Key Stage 3

KS3 Geography is a journey around the world!

In year 7 you will discover the UK and the issues that shape the country. In Year 8 we travel further afield as we look at our ‘shrinking world’ exploring how landscapes change and how globalisation affects us all. Then onto Brazil and Uganda to find out how these countries tick. Year 9 we ask ‘Is it a Fair World?’ and investigate ‘Dangerous Geography’ looking at the impact of earthquakes, volcanoes and population. The last half term of the year YOU get to choose what we teach you through our innovative ‘GEOGRAPHY IN THE NEWS’ unit. KS3 geography is a fun, innovative and informative journey through the world we live in.

Key Stage 4

What is it?

Geography is the whole world!  The dynamic nature of our Earth means that the world of today will be vastly different to the world of tomorrow. GCSE Geography aims to take pupils on a journey of discovery on how our world works, how it changes and how our population impact on it.


Unit 1 Physical Geography: Written Paper 1hr 30mins (37.5%)

Unit 2 Human Geography: Written Paper 1hr 30mins (37.5%)

Unit 3 Local Fieldwork Investigation: Controlled Assessment (25%)


What topics would I study in Human Geography?

In the human unit you would study three topics:

Population:  7 billion live on Earth and through this topic you will study the issues this brings!

Globalisation:  The world we live in is more interlinked than ever!  This unit studies the issue of global links and its impact on our everyday lives.

Tourism: People like to travel, whether on package holidays or to new extreme environments.  This topic covers the impacts humans have on the world through tourism.


What topics would I study in Physical Geography?

In the physical unit you would study three topics:

The Restless Earth:  This topic covers all things tectonic; Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Fold mountains and Tsunamis!

The Coastal Zone:  The topic covers the ever-changing coastline, its features and how humans use it.

Rocks, Scenery and Landscape: This topic helps you discover the land we live on.  What shapes it, what changes and how we impact upon it!


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