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English at St James's

Language is liberating. Though based on a set of guiding principles, it is by its nature fluid, evolving with time, manipulated for purpose and employed for deliberate effect. English at St James’s is intent on empowering students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to interpret, interrogate and create both fiction and non-fiction texts – recognising that behind each word is a writer afforded the liberty of language.

Exposing students to a canon of literature that encompasses the traditional and contemporary; local and imported; prose, drama and poetry, it is our aim to support students in recognising that all texts are relevant in their exploration of universal themes. Further, that they too are connected to these themes, enabling and promoting their personal responses as readers.

Using our reading as a source of both inspiration and instruction, our curriculum supports students in developing clarity and control as writers but also to practise the art of crafting, enabling our students to become the masters of language of themselves.

Students studying English at St James’s will read ‘up’; will be asked to explain the ‘how’ and ‘why’ and will be encouraged, at all times, to use their own imagination and creativity in all that they do

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