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GCSE Physical Education

This is a very popular, successful and enjoyable option and we expect pupils considering the course to be:

  • Reasonably good at a range of sports
  • Achieving the level that is expected of them in most sports
  • Enthusiastic and willing to attend lunchtime and after school clubs
  • Possibly representing the school in sport at present
  • Prepared to set high standards regarding kit, behaviour and attitude
  • Keen to increase their knowledge of the theoretical side of PE
  • Prepared to meet deadlines on completed coursework


The course is assessed in three ways:

Practical Assessment:                    50%

Written Examination:                     40%

Analysis of Performance:             10%


Practical Assessment – worth 50% of the marks (up to 25% awarded through practical ability during the course and up to 25% awarded during a practical exam).

Candidates are assessed in four sports from a minimum of two different areas:

  •  Athletics
  • Gymnastics
  • Outdoor Adventurous
  • Swimming
  • Games

If your child is a keen participant in a sport that isn’t taught in GCSE lessons, it may be possible to arrange for a separate assessment. For example; if they play for a school team such as: football, netball, hockey, cricket etc… they will be assessed in these activities whilst representing the school or attending squad training sessions. If your child is a keen and successful participant in a sport that we cannot offer in school, it may be possible to assess them via video evidence or arrange an interview with their personal coach. Examples of such sports are: gymnastics, golf, table tennis, roller hockey, dance, skiing, squash, sailing, canoeing etc…


1 ½ Hour Written Exam – worth 40% of the marks.

Areas studied include:

  • Health, fitness and physical activity.
  • Factors affecting performance and participation.
  • Anatomy and physiology.
  • Exercise and training.


Analysis of Performance – worth 10% of the total marks.

The candidates work on a chosen activity. The analysis of performance may be assessed through discussion with the candidate about the practical ability and through a completed work booklet. In their chosen activity candidates will need to know conduct: Rules and Laws of the Game, Observational Analysis, Evaluate a Performance Against a Perfect Model, Plan a Personal Exercise Programme, Understand the Roles of Leadership.