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Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE)

This is a course that is studied over 2 years at either level 1 or 2.  Both levels are GCSE equivalent and are widely accepted by Colleges of Further Education and 6th Form Colleges.

The course is designed for pupils to study and collect evidence to a total of 12 credits from a range of modules for example, International Links, Health & Fitness, Independent Living and Expressive Arts. 

The value of the credits awarded will depend on the complexity of the tasks completed and the number of tasks completed.


As an example:

Module title:       Expressive Arts

Credit Value 1 CoPE level 1

Produce a review from one of the following:

  • Attending a concert
  • Attending a theatre production


Credit Value 1 CoPE Level 2

  • Contribute to a performing arts production and/or take part in a series of workshops that will develop your skill.
  • Work with others to produce a magazine or newspaper.


It is intended that pupils will follow a Level 1 qualification in Year 10 and then progress to a Level 2 in Year 11.

Included with this course will be an opportunity to collect evidence towards a Key Skills qualification.  Once again these qualifications are fully recognised and accepted by Sixth Form Colleges and Colleges of Further Education. 


The key skills you will study and collect evidence for in Year 10 will be:

  • Improving your Own Learning
  • Problem Solving
  • Working with Others


As with the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness these can be studied at either Level 1 or 2.

Assessment for both courses will be assignment and task based where a portfolio of evidence will be produced.