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The aim of the department is to develop a keen sense of interest and excitement about History and we use lots of ways to try to do that here at St James’s. Our curriculum is innovative, interesting, thought provoking and most important, relevant to the society in which we all live in today. We believe that by learning about the past, we are able to make sense of the world we inhabit.


Year 7

Our theme is Changing Lives and you will learn about:

  • Was Life Fun for Peasants in Medieval Times?
  • Nothing Changed in Tudor Britain…did it?
  • How did the Industrial Revolution Change Children’s Lives in the North West?
  • Who was the Greatest Innovator of the Transport Revolution 1750-1900?
  • How did People’s Lives Change Between 1900-1945?
  • Has Britain Changed Since 1940?


Year 8

Our theme is Power and Protest and you will learn about:

  • How the Normans Control England
  • Medieval Church, State or the People-Who Held the Power?
  • Why was Oliver Cromwell Named as a ‘Great Briton?’
  • What is ‘Protest’ and What Makes Protest Effective?
  • What is the Difference Between a Terrorist and a Freedom Fighter?
  • Native Peoples of North America


Year 9

Our theme is Conflict and Co-Operation and you will learn about:

  • The Causes and Events of the First World War
  • What life was like if you lived in Nazi Germany and through The Second World War?
  • The Holocaust
  • Who was the Most Evil Dictator of the Twentieth Century?
  • What was the Cold War and What has it got to do with me?
  • What are the Problems with the World we live in today and how are we addressing them?


We believe that in order to fully understand some aspects of history, it is useful to visit areas of historical importance. Therefore we run trips to Quarry Bank Mill for Year 7, The People’s Museum for Year 8, for those opting for History in Year 9, then there is the opportunity to go to Berlin! In addition we have annual artefact handling days for Year 7 and 9 also.

There is lots going on…too much to mention here, but if you enjoy History then you’ve come to the right place!