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  • Art at St James's


    • We need to equip our young people for life in an every-changing and dynamic world. They need to be resilient, adaptable and inventive with the ability to communicate visually, verbally and through the written work with confidence and clarity. This underpins our philosophy for a creative education.
    • Our aim is to instill an appreciation for the Arts amongst all our young people so that they
      continue to enjoy cultural experiences and value the impact creativity can have on all of us.

    Our Young People will:

    • Develop a knowledge of Art, Craft, Design and Photography
    • Understand a range of art genres, movements, artists, makers, designers and
      photographers from a variety of cultures and periods of history.
    • Experience, develop and master a range of practical making skills including working in 2D,
      3D, fine art, mixed media, photography, ceramics and craft
    • Understand how to manipulate tools, media and processes in order to produce their own
    • Be able to express ideas, judgements, and opinions with confidence
    • Access information about careers in the creative industries and the opportunities
      available to them
    • Become aware of local cultural institutions they can access, learn from and enjoy
    • Learn about the importance of culture in all forms and how it can enrich our lives
    • Make connections with their own practice and that of others
    • Value creativity, experimentation and risk taking
    • Experience making work of value that communicates an idea, concept or point of view
    • Develop an appreciation for creativity and the visual world beyond their time studying .with us

    Curriculum Features

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    Art Curriculum

    Assessment Grid

    KS3 Art Assessment Grid


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