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Our Ethos

The very special St James’s ethos – ‘Caring for Others; Achieving Excellence’

 During your time at St James’s you will find your passions, skills and talents and you will start to shape a vision for your future. What are you going to contribute to the world? How will you make a difference? 

You will also grow and develop as an individual.  At St James’s we all aim to be accepting, kind, caring, supportive and loving.  We have always called ourselves a family. It is a phrase we use often. We believe a family functions better with shared values and our values are those of the Christian family. We promote an ethos based on a climate of mutual respect and nurture of all, where good relationships are a priority. It’s the glue that holds us together!

“Our love should not be just words and talk.

It must be true love which shows itself in action.”

1 John 3:18.