St James's Church of England High School

St James Church of England High School

'A National Teaching School'

September 2013

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Bus Information

The following operators offer a bus service to and from St James’s CE High School. This information is subject to change by Transport For Greater Manchester (TfGM) (formally GMPTE).

FM First Manchester

OLY Olympia Travel

ARL Arriva 

TYR Tyrers

RDT Rossendate Transport

Y40 Yellow School Bus (Only available to pupils with a valid pass)

Parents Please Note

Although these buses pick up and drop off just outside school they are in fact Service Buses. A charge will be made for each journey taken.

Please click the link below for the new timetables from September 2016 onwards

St. James's Bus Timetables

Pass Information and Concessionary Fare Information

Please click the link below for details of how to obtain passes and fare information

Click here for Pass/Fare Information

Some children will be eligible for a free pass issued by Bolton Local Authority; Pupil and Student Services. They will contact you if your child is eligible for the pass.

At the end of the school day pupils should make their way to the  yard and join the appropriate queue. They will be directed onto buses by staff on duty.

Pupils should remember that they are representatives of their school when travelling on public transport. We expect high standards of behaviour and dress at all times.

In the event of missing the school bus at the end of the school day, pupils should know how to get home using the normal bus services. It is helpful to have a telephone contact number to inform someone of the delay or arrange to be collected.

A helpful number for general enquires is: Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) 0871 200 2233. School is unable to provide any other information than is given here.

Pupils and parents should be aware that services are subject to change.

Website TFGM is